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Born in Verona on Dec. 26 1935, Achille Costi graduated from Venice Liceo Artistico in 1956.  He joined the Venice Faculty of Architecture where he studied under the guidance of Carlo Scarpa, Franco Albini and Ignazio Gardella, and graduated in 1962 under the supervision of Lodovico Barbiano di Beljoioso.

As a student, Achille worked at the atelier of his father, himself a sculptor of clay religious works, and in 1954 took part in his first exhibition at Palazzo dei Trecento, Treviso.

In the late 50’s he devoted himself to sculpture and developed his expressive abilities through the use of various materials such as marble, stone, wood, clay, glass and bronze. After studying the techniques of fresco painting in Tuscany, Achille came back to Venice where he became acquainted with a number of engravers with whom he founded the Venice-based ‘Atelier Aperto’ where both traditional and new graphic techniques were experimented.

In 1998 he was awarded 1st National Sculpture Prize by the Mondadori ‘Arte’ review, and the 1st International Prize for wood sculpture at Cortina d’Ampezzo in 1989.  Among his achievements are also a few monumental works: the monument to the Emigrant in Treviso,  the monument to the Partisan in Paese (Treviso), ‘Risveglio’ at Paese-based CEPI firm, ‘Grande Danza’ at Carbonera-based Taffarello firm and Santa Reparata at Buddusò.

The author has for many years been making marble sculptures at a Pietrasanta-based (Versilia) workshop where he exhibited his works in 2013.

He lives and works in Castagnole ( Treviso ).

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